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Fat Loss Factor Program Review

The Fat loss factor is amazing and effective  weight loss system that has been getting a lot of hype recently. Many people have claimed that it’s the most effective fat loss program they’ve used. I found the buzz around the program intriguing and decided to check the product out.

Who is Behind the Product?

Dr. Michael Allen is the creator of this product. He is a licensed chiropractor and a wellness specialist. The credentials seem solid and he certainly isn’t a money hungry marketer. Dr. Allen created the Fat Loss Factor program after he experimented with one of his patients to allow her to lose 90 pounds!

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What Are The Basic Principles?

The FLF is an innovative program in that it eschews much of the existing advice in the fitness market. Instead of forcing his students to adhere to an extremely strict diet, Dr. Michael Allen shows that weight loss is possible even with an occasional eating binge. This is great because the psychological stress of cutting down on all of our great food is something that causes people to give up. Instead of the usual boot camp style weight loss program The FLF is a balanced and achievable program that normal people can use. Dr. Michael Allen’s Fat Loss Program is an easy to follow program

The program starts with a 2 week detox period where Dr. Michael Allen suggests you eat organic fruits and vegetables only. This is followed with 10 more weeks of weight loss.

Fat Loss FactorThe principles behind program are very simple-

1) Stress makes weight loss difficult. Lower stress and your journey to weight loss is a million times easier. He includes exercises to lower your mental stress.

2) The FLF program encourages High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) instead of the usual advice of generic cardio. This is actually useful since sprints and such keep your body guessing. This also takes less time than spending an hour on the treadmill. HIIT also ensures you can’t cheat like many people do on treadmills.

3) The Fat Loss Factor diet is also specialized to maximize fat burning. As part of the program small meals must be eaten many times a day instead of the usual 2 or 3 meals. He also includes a list of foods to avoid and the foods that accelerate weight loss. Dr. Michael Allen also includes the best times to eat meals to increase fat loss.

4) Strength training is an integral part of the FLF Program. This allows the body to build muscle and accelerate weight loss by increasing metabolism.

5) Drinking lots of water is an essential part of the FLF diet. Drinking water washes away toxins and helps lose fat.

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My Fat Loss Factor Review-

As someone who’s in the know regarding fitness and health I was surprised by the in-depth information that Dr. Michael Allen provides. I was quite frankly stunned at the solid evidence and science based guidelines he provided.

Unlike most other weight loss programs that are based on fads or a “secret” system Fat Loss Factor is based on what actually works. It just works. The reason marketers create fad based diets and sell them is because they like to sell the idea of a “magic pill”. However, the FLF is not a magic pill and does require a good amount of effort and willpower. If you really want to lose weight, the Fat Loss Factor is what you are looking for. If you’re just looking for an easy way out, then keep looking and I doubt you’ll find it.

The great thing about Fat Loss Factor is that it takes the best information from the industry at whole and combines it into an amazing package. The Fat Loss Factor includes the cutting edge in all aspects, from strength training to diet and stress control. Weight loss isn’t fought on one front (like diet), it instead occurs with a combination of factors such as low stress, eating healthy, and exercising. The diet aspects are brilliant because his suggestions ensure that you feel great. This is in contrast to many other diets that involve starving oneself or eating in a manner that makes a person feel mentally slow. Starving oneself doesn’t work because it increases stress levels and it’s not sustainable. Eventually the person will give up and regain the weight. Fat Loss Factor instead advocates a holistic method that ensures your body feels great.

Fat Loss Factor Review

Another underrated aspect of the program is the stress control chapters. This is something I have never seen promoted in a dieting/fitness product before and proves that Dr. Michael knows what he is talking about. A program like this cannot work if the mind is stressed and weak. A strong and healthy mind will be able to stay focused and stick to goals far better than a tired and overworked mind. Most other programs completely ignore stress levels but Fat Loss Factors explain the importance of keeping stress levels low. High stress levels are correlated with obesity and Dr. Michael explains how to lower stress levels. He has a bunch of great exercises that I tried out and they worked really well for me.

I already am a rather fit person and I found this program to be highly accurate. However, to test it out I found a friend of mine who’s chubby and gave him the product. I ensured he followed it exactly. Over the 12 weeks that we tested it out he lost 20 pounds which is very significant. He told me that he enjoyed the process and that his body and mind felt better than ever. The product holds up in the real world and produces real results.

I would definitely recommend this product. It gets an A+ from me for being honest, truthful, accurate, and high quality. Many weight loss products are mediocre and don’t offer their buyers anything but Fat Loss Factor is excellent and truly worth the price. I hope you enjoyed reading this Fat Loss Factor Review, Try out this RISK FREE 60 Days money back GUARANTEE. 

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