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Belly burner – Understand The Reasons

How to get rid belly fat? There are several ways to get rid of excessive belly fat but the question of its effectiveness maybe in question. The results of each method may vary from one person to another. Some use belly burner belt while some prefer belly burner diet. Between the two belly burner diet may be bring more positive results.

Before you go decide which type of belly burner you will try, it is important that you understand first the reasons why you have excessive belly fat. Knowing the reasons may help you get rid of it easier.

Abdominal Fat

Abdominal fat is not just unsightly to look at but it is also unsafe to have abdominal fat. Having belly fat means that you are at risk of having stroke, cardiovascular problems and other diseases.

Reasons for Belly Fat

There are several reasons for belly fat. Generally, age and sex plays important role inthe development of belly fat. As you age, your metabolism slows down thus the ability to burn calories goes down and the risk of accumulating excessive fat increases. An average person may increase 1 to 2 lbs yearly in the abdominal area once he or she reaches thirty-five years of age and above.

Sex is also a factor, men are more prone to develop abdominal fat than women. Ideally, belly fat in women may start in the onset of menopause. During the menopause period, fats are stored in the belly area instead of in the thighs.

Another possible reason for belly fat is hormones. Cortisol is a stress hormone, which is responsible for weight gain when you are stressed. The area where the fats are stored are then controlled by an enzyme that are located to visceral cells thus resulting to weight gain in the belly area.

Other factors, which cause belly fat, may include poor diet, sluggish liver, stress, hormonal imbalance and intake of birth control pills.

Belly burner diet

Lack of exercise can greatly increase your risk of having abdominal fat. However, this abdominal fat can really be flattened out with discipline, proper diet and the right workout.

Ideally, you need to exercise thirty to sixty minutes of moderate exercise daily. Strength training exercise for a couple of times per week can also help in getting rid of abdominal fat.

In preparing your meal plans, it is important that you avoid trans fats and saturated fats with healthier fats like polyunsaturated fats. Likewise lessen your intake of carbohydrates and increase your intake of complex carbohydrates. Increasing your intake of lean protein can also do wonders in getting rid of belly fat. Avoid drinking soda and sugary drinks, drinking water will surely do the trick in getting rid of unhealthy fats.

In the end, do not despair if you have belly fat, there are several effective ways to really get rid of abdominal fat. To help you lose belly fat permanently, you can check the Fat Loss Factor Program, a program that will surely help you have a flatter stomach in just short time.

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