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Extreme Weight Loss Methods

People who are looking for ways to drastically loose excessive weight often use extreme weight loss methods. These extreme weight loss methods are not encouraged by doctors since it can endanger your health.

Some of some extreme weight loss methods that may be harmful may include:

The Russian Air Force Diet

The Russian Air Force Diet is a low carb diet that is strictly restricts your food intake for three major meals. Snacks between those major meals are not allowed. The breakfast only allows 1 black coffee and 1 toast, while 2 eggs and 1 tomato for lunch, then red lean meat and vegetable salad for dinner. This type of diet may allow you to lose weight however, it may affect your energy levels since you will not be able to have a balanced diet. You will likely to feel lethargic and may easily get tired. Most people under this diet cannot even exercise due to poor energy levels.

Tapeworm Diet

Tapeworm diet is probably the most extreme diet that anyone can meet. A dieter will actually swallow an egg or a live tapeworm. Once it is the gut, it will eat extra foods that your body those not need. This type of diet should not even be tried even if you are desperate to get rid of extra pounds because the tapeworm can be a cause of organ failure or even death.

The Air Diet

Another extreme diet is the air diet. This type of diet will allow you to place real foods in a plate. You may even slice and act as if to swallow but you will not really swallow. The principle behind this extreme diet is to allow you to mimic how you eat and through imitating the act of eating you will feel full.

The only allowable food is water soup. Water soup only has water and salt and no other foods are allowed. This type of diet often leads to starvation, food disorder and even serious health complications.

The Sleeping Beauty Diet

People who try sleeping beauty diet will likely to sleep when they feel that they are hungry. In fact, this type of diet requires that you sleep 24/7 continuously. Since sleeping continuously is not possible, a person who tries this uses sedatives to make them sleep. This is another dangerous diet, which can lead to drug overdose and even death.

The Cotton Ball Diet

Cotton ball diet as the name suggests only allows that you only eat cotton balls. You can choose whether to eat them soak or dry. This type of diet is very dangerous and may lead to serious starvation, infection or death.

These are just some of extreme diets that should be totally avoided because the results of these may harm your body and may lead to serious complications.

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