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Fat Loss Factor and Celebrity Weight Loss

Celebrity weight loss is part and parcel of being popular. The big screen often must celebrities to be in top shape since both the eyes of adoring fans and critics are around them. The pressure to be in their best form is doubled especially when media are always on their toes to see how they probably look.

However, not all celebrity weight loss should be imitated. Some of celebrity weight loss are extreme and can be dangerous to health. Do not imitate just because your much loved artist had endorse a diet plan. It is important that you consult first with your health care provider before you start any celebrity weight loss to avoid serious health conditions.

Some of this celebrity weight loss may include:

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is the most famous persona when it comes to weight loss. Her weight scarcely escapes attention because it always fluctuates. She may be a perfect example of yoyo dieting because the change of her diet is rather sweeping. The main reason of her yoyo diet is due to a thyroid problem.

In the past, she was able to drop too much weight and manage to reach 160 lbs and then she reached 200 lbs again several years after.

Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline is one time a hunk and everyone got surprised when he became 240 lbs heavier. Though he was identified to join celebrity weight program for weight loss, however, up to this day he is still under pressure to drop unnecessary weight.

Star Jones

Star Jones seems to have problem with her excessive pounds and she decided to have surgery.

However, having going through a knife is a major move and not all flabby can undergo. It is just a quick fix but serious problems can result later on. Ask first your doctor if you are a good candidate or not..

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson weight also often lands in tabloids. Her weight often goes up and then followed by a drastic weight loss afterwards. In 2010, she shows her incredible body in December 2010 and she did it by eating apple and tortilla. Now, she follows a pescatarian diet while working with a trainer.

 Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger is a popular actress for her great portrayals in movies and what makes her more popular is the fact that she is not afraid to gain or lose weight for a movie role. However, yoyo dieting can be harming the body’s system especially if it is done often.

It is important that you get rid of excessive weight and make sure that you keep that weight permanently.

In the end, celebrity weight loss is not really for all people. You cannot really start the weight loss just because a popular actor had done it. It is still important that you lose weight through a balanced diet and exercise.

You may also check Fat Loss Factor Program, a safe weight loss program for those who want to lose weight easier and permanently. With Fat Loss Factor, you will surely have a great body like a celebrity.

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