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Fat Weight Loss – Steps to Achieved

Fat weight loss is possible if you only learn the very basics of losing weight. Ideally, the principle of weight loss is to burn more calories more than what you eat. However, it is not as simple as that. If it is simple, no one will ever have a weight problem. Some overweight turn to other ways like diet pills and fitness gadgets that promise them instant weight loss. However, the weight that you had loose through diet pills alone may only be temporary. It may not last for long. You may even gain back the weight that you already loss.

The key to ultimate weight loss is making small and lasting changes. Do not aim for instant results rather, go for the most effective way of losing weight.

Here are some basic steps that will help you achieved your fat weight loss.

1. Calculate your BMR

BMR stands for basal metabolic rate. Your BMR represents the amount of calories that your body requires to maintain body functions like digestion and breathing. BMR is the minimum number of calories that should enter your body for each day. You may be overweight if you overlook the numbers of your BMR.

2. Count your activity level

Count your activity level every day and jot them in a journal. Activity level represents all your activities throughout the day. It does not necessarily mean that you will only count the times that you are exercising. Activity level includes all the activities that you engage in even those from as simple as sitting and standing to more strenuous like aerobics or lifting weights. All these should be counted to get the right numbers. For accurate numbers, use a heart rate monitor.

Add up all the totals per day and then get the average them out to know the minimum calories that you have each day.

3. Keep track of your caloric intake

Prepare a separate journal for your caloric intake. You should enter and track your calories per day. In the journal, put everything that you eat and drink on a daily basis. Do not cheat on jotting down what you have taken. Write it as it is.

After you have jot down what you have eaten, add it up after a week and then get the general average. The result will show you the caloric intake you have for each day.

4. Add and subtract

Add and subtract is important in fat weight loss. You need to add your BMR number and then add the activity level. Afterwards, subtract your food calories from the total. With the results, you will be able to see if your BMR and activity levels are just enough in comparison to your food intake.

If your food intake is much higher than your BMR, you are at risk of being overweight.

Now that you know how to calculate your BMR, you may be able to adjust your activities. You should be more physically active in order to lose weight.

Aside from counting your BMR and adjusting your activity levels, it is also recommended if you try Fat Loss Factor Program. This complete program will help you lose weight permanently.

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