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Food Lovers Fat Loss – Diet Plan without Restriction

Are you a food lover who cannot seem to stop eating? However, you seriously want to lose weight? Then, if yes is your answer, then you may start looking for diet meal plan that will not restrict you.

The diet meal plan without restriction is food lovers fat loss. This type of weight loss program is surprising, since it is the only diet program, which does not teach you to deprive yourself. Instead, it teaches you to continue eating the same way that you do right now. In addition, the duration of this program is twenty-one days. So, you are expected to see results after the twenty-one day regimen.

Initial reaction of people who first heard this is surprised and the next question is if diet pills or surgery is involved? It may be surprising to know that diet pills or even surgery are not involved instead the right combination of foods is what you should learn.

Basics of Food Lovers Fat Loss

The very basic of food lovers fat loss program is a mixture of low carbs, fast carbs and protein. The meals are cut into small portions preferably six times a day. Three major meals with snacks on between are what are preferred.

 Other characteristics of food lovers fat loss program may include:

       Breakfast should be eaten thirty minutes within rising since breakfast

       eating a meal every two to three hours

       eating a meal one hour before going to bed

       Allowable snacks should only contain one hundred to two hundred calories for women while one hundred to two hundred calories for men

       Meals should be three hundred to five hundred calories for women while four hundred to six hundred calories for men.

Meal Template:

 The meal template of food lovers fat loss may include:

       One protein, one fast carb, one slow carb

       One protein, three slow carbs

       One protein, one fast carb

       A combination of dish that should contain fifteen grams of proteins, combination of slow/fast carbs

Sample of protein portions may include:

       Lean meat

       Seafood

       Tofu

       2 Egg whites for women while men may have two whole eggs plus two whites for men

       One cup of cottage cheese

Sample of fast carbs may include:

       Two bread

       One cup of pasta

       One half cup of rice, barley or corn

       One cup of oatmeal

       Twelve ounce of alcohol

       One piece of fruit like apple, banana, pear, peach or orange

       Two cups of melons

       One cup of grapes and pineapple

       One cup of dairy milk

Sample of slow carbs may include:

       Unlimited vegetables like cauliflower, celery, mushrooms, cabbage, radish and spinach

       One cup of all other vegetables is acceptable

       Fruits that are low sugar like berries, apricots, and grapefruit

       One half cup of beans, lentils or peas

Sample of recommended fats may include:

       One tablespoon of sauce, oils and dressings

       One tablespoon of cheese and low-fat dressings

       One ounce of nuts and seeds

       One ounce of regular cheese

Food lovers fat loss program may or may not effective. The person who would like to undergo this diet meal plan may also need to find other alternative. Other alternative Fat Loss Factor Program, this is much effective weight loss program that will surely help you lose extra pounds permanently.

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