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How to Lose Weight Naturally

How to lose weight naturally is a common question among dieters. The health industry is often bombarded with diet plans that promise immediate weight loss however, not all these diet plans will give you the desired results. There are some extreme diet plans which promise you to lose weight immediately but they may not even worth of your time since it may harm your system even more.

Some harmful effects of diet plans may be loss of nutrition or even food disorders. To avoid the harmful effects of extreme diet plans, you should opt to lose weight naturally.

Some effective ways of losing weight naturally are:

1. Calculate your BMR

Calculate your BMR or base metabolic rate. BMR is the calculation of what your body needs to perform properly. With BMR, you can be able to perform basic functions like digestion, walking, running and even as simple as breathing and blinking. BMR is calculated based on the calories that you need and the functions that you normally do. Counting your BMR will help you analyze the kinds of foods you need.

If you are serious in your weight loss, you have to cut your calorie intake. It is better to have calorie deficit than taking more than what you can actually burn. If you eat high caloric foods and your activity level is minimal, you are putting yourself at risk of being overweight.

To count the BMR, jot down all the foods that you take. A food journal will help you check all the foods that you are taking. Anything that you eat and drink will be counted. From drinking coffee in breakfast, the candy that you pop between meals up to the grilled chicken in your dinner. Everything should be placed in your journal. Be honest while monitoring your food intake.

2. Calculate your Activity Level

As stated above, activities are important in burning calories. You cannot burn calories by watching your television. You have to constantly move in order for you to burn fats. Hitting the gym is one great activity for you to lose weight. Aerobic exercises or weight lifting is just some type of exercises that will surely make you lose excessive fats.

Aside from gym exercises, being more active during the day can also help you meet your desired weight faster. Walking around your neighborhood, jogging at the morning, playing with your kids in the fields and using stairs instead elevators are just some of the activities that you may add in your daily routine. These activities may be simple but when they are added together, they are effective in helping you lose weight.

3. Keep track

Keep track of your calories and activity level in a journal. Jotting them in a journal will allow you to be more conscious of your movements and you eat. Instead of drinking soda drinks, you will likely choose water and instead of feasting on that sugary snack, you will likely choose non fat yogurt for your snack.


How to lose weight naturally is possible, it really requires discipline and focus. However, with proper motivation, losing weight the natural way is definitely achievable.

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