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Inside Study of Xtreme fat loss diet

Xtreme fat loss diet was introduced by Joel Marion, a distinguished fitness writer. He is also a well publicize expert on fitness and nutrition. His weight loss techniques are based on comprehensive study of losing weight. He was able to create his own weight plan because of his wide expertise on fitness.

How the plan works?

Xtreme fat loss program uses unique method, which is based on the principle that men and women can cut the fats quickly while boosting weight loss and muscle strength. It is composed of five-day cycle, which should be repeatedly used for, five times with a total of twenty-five days in all.

The five days in each cycle uses a several mixture of workout routines and eating patterns that aims to help your body boost metabolism. It also balances the burning hormones to make your body speed up its ability to burn fats.

What makes it different from other plan is the fact that it can be done on a five-day cycle unlike other programs, which can take up to seven days. It only asks you five days per week or a total of twenty-five days in a month. After the twenty-five days, you will see that your body is much slimmer than when you were starting.

However, if you still have not reached your target weight, do not worry, you can still repeat the plan again. You may repeat the entire plan again but you are advised to wait for four months before you repeat it altogether. While you are waiting in the four months, it is recommended that you do several types of cardiovascular exercises to keep your body active.

Numbers for weight loss

Knowing the right numbers will help you for weight loss. Do not just fixate yourself on the numbers that you see in the scale. There are other numbers that you need to understand while you focus yourself on losing weight. Other numbers you need to know is your BMI or body mass index.

Body mass index is calculating if your weight is for your height. Generally, a 24.9 BMI is considered healthy while a BMI of 25 is considered overweight.

For those who want to be accurate can also measure their body fat percentage. Fat percentage is measured while using calipers. A woman is considered fit if her fat percentage is 21 to 24 percent while a measurement of 25 to 31 is average. A woman is obese if her fat percentage is 32 and above.

This fat loss diet may help you meet the right BMI for you and may also help you cut the excessive fats in your body.

However, if you do not achieve your weight loss with xtreme fat loss diet, another great weight loss program is Fat Loss Factor Program. Fat Loss Factor Program is the most effective weight loss program in the market. With this program you do not have to wait for 25 days since you can easily the results fast.

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