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Low Fat Diet Plan

Low-fat diet plan is a popular diet plan for people who want to lose weight. It is characterized as a meal plan which has twenty to thirty percent of total daily calories from fats.

There are several plans that advocate consumption of low-fat diets. The Ornish diet is one example of very low-fat diet which centers on vegetarian foods. However, there is the other type of meal plans like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers are some of diet plans that allow small consumption of fats moderately.

Low fat diet plan will need you to avoid certain type of foods and replace it foods that are naturally low in fat.

Benefits of Low Fat Diet Plan

Following a low-fat diet plan has several benefits. Some of the benefits may include:

       It is the easiest way to lessen overall calorie intake which may lose weight. Ideally, fat has nine calories per gram compared to four calories contained in protein and carbohydrates. If you follow a low-fat diet plan, you will surely see that you will surely lose excessive weight.

       Low fat diet can help people lower their cholesterol level. Normally, high cholesterol can develop if you consume foods that have too much fat. The bad cholesterol can have a build up and can lead to cardiovascular problems. You can avoid cholesterol build up and cardiovascular problems if you need to have a lifestyle change and diet modification.

       People with medical conditions like gall bladder problems and fatty liver can benefit well if they change their diet to low fat meals.

Types of Foods

Low fat diet plan is great for those who want to lose weight effectively. You are also doing your body a great favor if you cut your consumption of fats since unhealthy fats are known cause of several diseases.

Some of foods that are low in fat may include:

       Grains

       Vegetables

       Fruits

Aside from these foods, low-fat diet also put emphasis on how the food was cooked. It is recommended that you lessen dining out. It will be better if you prepare your own foods at home.

Cooking methods that make sure your food to be low in fat are:

       Baking

       Steaming

       Broiling

       Grilling

These cooking methods will make sure that you control the amount of fats. In cooking, avoid using butter and oil since both are source of fats. You may choose the healthier options like olive oil in your cooking.

Foods to Avoid

In low-fat diet plan, you have to strictly cut your intake of foods that are rich with fats.

Some foods that are rich in fats that should be avoided may include:

       Butter

       Avocados

       Oil

       Full-fat dairy products

       Processed foods

       Chips

       Meats from ribs, brisket and steak

Fat Loss Factor Program

A low-fat diet plan is more effective if you add Fat Loss Factor Program. Fat Loss Factor Program is a complete weight loss method which allows you to lose unnecessary fats in your system.

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