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Motivation for Weight Loss Goal

Losing weight is not easy. It requires discipline and focus to win against temptation around you. However, you should keep yourself motivated when you see that you are struggling with weight loss. Remember, you are not the only one trying to lose weight since there are probably thousands out there who are also doing the same thing. Some may even already achieve the desired weight that they wanted. So, never lose hope, just stay motivated and you will meet your ideal weight soon.

To help stay motivated, here are some of good weight loss motivations, which may help you to stay focus on what your weight goal.

1. Set reasonable goals

The problem with those who want to lose weight is setting goals that are unrealistic and unhealthy thus leading to disappointment later on. If you are overweight for 20 pounds, then do not think that you have to lose that weight abruptly. You can lower your goal to 10 pounds and when you lose the ten pounds, aim to lose the another ten pounds. Setting for smaller and reasonable goals will boost your morale and avoid setbacks later on.

2. Find an accountability friend

It is recommended that you find a friend, which can join you with your quest to lose weight. Accountability friend is someone who will understand and cheer you up when you decide to eat vegetable salad instead of a double cheeseburger. It can be your spouse, relative or a friend who will call you to check if you attend your gym class. It can also be someone who will celebrate with you when you reach certain milestones.

3. Stop focusing on physical changes

Weight loss may not easily show big physical changes. Your waistline will not shrink immediately however, you can feel several changes after a week or two. You will feel lighter and energetic before you had started exercising. This is a good sign since it can mean that your body is adjusting to your exercise regimen.

4. Spread through social networking

Social networking is not just a hub for friends. You can also use social networking to promote your weight loss goal. Friends through Facebook can give motivation for weight loss when you feel that you want to quit.

5. Change your environment

Does your environment cause you to be fat? In some cases yes, some all people are tempted to eat more when they are in certain environment. Common example of this is dining out in restaurants instead of preparing foods at home.

If this is your case, then it is time that you start avoiding fine restaurants and learn to prepare your own foods. Preparing your own foods is better alternative since you can replace the ingredients, which contain unhealthy fats with better choices.

6. Be kind on yourself

Part of motivation for weight loss is being kind to yourself. Do not blame yourself too much if you have some slips in some days. Remember you can start again tomorrow your weight loss goals.

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