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Sauna Weight Loss – Advantages & Disadvantages

Sauna weight loss is a method, which slowly gains popularity among those who want to lose weight. Some people chose this method because they want to lose weight without exerting too much effort. However, sauna weight loss has advantages and disadvantages. Before you use sauna as a tool for weight loss, there are things that you need to know first.

Sauna Works as Calorie Burner

Sauna can work as a calorie burner by letting you sweat through the overheat steam that comes from the sauna. It causes the body to work harder thus resulting to burning of more calories. Through sauna, you can definitely burn more calories than if you are just sitting watching television. Through this process, your sweat glands are required to release sweat and your heart will work harder thus burning more energies.

Sauna Weight Loss

Sitting in a sauna for at least thirty minutes will allow you to lose weight. A very helpful tool allows that encourage weight loss. Sitting for at least thirty minutes will allow you to perspire profusely and the sweat that you shed has mixture of water and salt. This process results with weight loss due to loss of water.

Sauna Works as Detoxifying Agent

Sauna is also popular for detoxifying the body. It boosts blood circulation in the body. It can cut the excessive salt present in the body. It is also good if you have worked out hard but probably reach a plateau. Sauna can recharge your body to boost shedding pounds again.

Other Benefits of Sauna

Aside from weight loss, other benefits of sauna weight loss may include:

        Are you under stress lately. Sauna can be used to relieved stress buster. It is very relaxing and can cut all tensions. If you tend to eat more while under pressure, then sauna can help lessen your stress to avoid being emotional eater.

        Sauna can also aid in easing the pain that you may normally feel after working out. This is ideal especially for those who have long recovery time after exercising.

Disadvantages of Weight Loss

There are several disadvantages of sauna weight loss. Some of the disadvantages of weight loss may are:

        The weight loss from water loss can be definitely observed. However, since the weight loss is just associated with loss of water, you will certainly gain back what you already loss when you rehydrate. Worst, you may even gain double of what you already lost if you rehydrate with soda and sugary drinks.

        Another downside is that the only gland that is working out is your heart. Meaning, other muscles are not burning calories. In this case, you will probably lose more weight if you spend your time having an exercise than if you are spending your time in a sauna.


In the end, sauna weight loss can help you lose weight but do not rely on it too much. You still need to have a balanced diet and a complete exercise regimen to lose weight. You may also check The Fat Loss Factor. This Program will help you lose weight immediately.

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