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Simply Weight Loss Program Review

Simply weight loss is a diet program plan that promises dieters that they can lose weight up to three sizes in just six weeks. The weight plan is attractive since it promises weight loss even in just three simple steps.

Simply weight loss in 3 Steps

1. Drink water

Drinking water is the very first step in simply weight loss. The amount required for each day is 8 glasses or 64 oz of water.

2. Take the herbs

Taking the herbs, this can only be bought in simply weight loss program. The herbs included are day and nighttime herbs and calcium supplements. Multivitamins, fat stabilizer and carbo blocker are also part of their herbs.

3. Eat enough food

Dieters will be glad to know that simply weight loss will ask them not to cut foods. In fact, you will be encouraged to eat more. Skipping meals and lowering your calories intake is not encouraged with this weight plan. In fact, you will be encouraged to eat more foods since cutting back on calories will slow down your metabolism.

You can take more protein and just limit some starchy foods but other than that, you can enjoy eating foods.
Simply weight loss is not your typical weight loss plan.

Some of advantages

·        This program is dieter friendly since it will not ask you to count or cut your caloric intake. Not cutting back on calories is a relief for everyone especially those who have tried but failed in their quest to lose weight.

·        Simply Weight loss encourages dieters to drink 8 oz. of water per day and this has been regarded as healthy practice.

Some disadvantages

·        One of the disadvantages is that Simply Weight Loss do not specify the ingredients contain in their herb pill. It only says herbs but it does not explain what kind of herbs is used in the pill. Knowing what you are taking is very important. It is hard to take anything, which you are not sure.

·        Eating anything that you want is not the kind of diet that is healthy. They are not encouraging lifestyle change, which is important in losing weight. If you are serious in losing weight, the best thing that you have to do is apply diet change and lifestyle change to make sure that your weight loss is permanent.

·        Simply weight loss is quite expensive. The full six-week program cost more than four hundred dollars, which is quite heavy on your pockets. Meanwhile the intro kit, which can only last for about two weeks, costs more than three hundred dollars. The average cost for simply weight loss program is unaffordable for average dieters who just want to lose weight but not their money.

If simply weight loss is too expensive for you, you may try other weight loss programs. Fat Loss Factor program is a better choice for those who want to lose weight without hurting their pockets.

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