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Weight Loss Challenge – Goals & Rules

Weight loss challenge can make your weight loss more exciting. To make the weight loss challenge a successful, you can ask your office mates or family members to join with you. You can spearhead the weight loss challenge by explaining the goals of weight loss, defining the rules as well as adding some prizes to keep the members motivated to in the challenge.

Goals of Weight Loss Challenge

Weight loss challenge is one way to make your weight loss an enjoyable experience. To start it right, you have to explain each member the goals of weight loss. Some common goals of weight loss challenge may include:

  • To lose weight is the first goal of the weight loss challenge. It is easier to lose weight if you are in a group who also believe and support in health and fitness.
  • There are several weight loss programs in the market however, the weight loss challenge aim is to lose weight in a safest way.

Rules of weight loss challenge

Depending on the number of members, you should divide your group equally. Make sure that each group is divided according to weight types. Before the challenge proceed, make sure that members who have existing medical condition should ask the approval of their health care provider before starting out. This will avoid any injury or health problems later on. After getting the approval, you can now lay the rules, which everyone should follow.

Some common rules of weight loss may include:

1. Set the starting and end date of challenge

Each member should vote the starting and end date of the challenge. You may decide that the weight loss challenge will run for two to three months. The one who were able to lose the biggest weight loss will be announced winner.

2. Regular weigh in

Each member will be weighed in at the start of the challenge. This is important so members should know how many pounds they should need to drop. To check the changes, measurement will be done every week at exactly the same time. You have to choose a specific day and hour to make the measurements.

2. Giving points

Each member will have a chart, which has specific food, or activities that are related to weight loss. They will check or uncheck if they were able to do it each day. The most important activity should contain the highest points while some activities are equivalent to lower points. Example: getting exercises for thirty to forty minutes per day is equal to 5 points while avoiding television while eating is equal to 3 points.

Giving points will encourage your members to work hard since each point will be tallied for each week. The one who has earned the highest point may get a prize.

3. Giving out prizes

Each member will give a fee to enter the challenge. Entering a fee will make them work harder since they do not want their money to get waste. The fees that were entered will constitute as the prize. The person who had the biggest weight loss will receive the money.

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