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Weight Loss Exercise Routine Workout Plan

Weight loss exercise routine should be properly plan to make sure that you get the best results for your weight loss. Generally, there are two types of exercises, the aerobic and anaerobic exercises. To get fit and sexier body much faster, it is recommended that you combine the two types of exercises. Combination of both aerobic and anaerobic exercises is popularly known as circuit training. A typical circuit consists of ten to twelve reps of strength training exercise, which can be followed by three to five minutes of aerobics.

Workout Routines

The first important thing to do before you start any workout routine is to warm up and do some stretching to avoid any injury. Likewise, consult with your doctor before you start any workout routine especially if you have any existing medical condition.

After getting the nod of your doctor, it is now time to start your exercise routine. Some of the different routines you may want to include are:

·       Warm up

Walking or jogging in place for about five minutes and stretch for couple of minutes before starting any routines.

·       Squats

For squats, you may use resistance band and pull the band up to the shoulders. Now take sitting positions and bend as if you are sitting in a chair. As you come back, tight your glutes for best results. You may continue doing this for sixty to ninety seconds.

·       Jump rope

Jump with a rope for thirty to sixty seconds. If you do not have any jump rope, you may still jump about an inch off the floor.

·       Brisk walk and run

Brisk walking in place for ninety seconds then follows it up with running for about thirty to sixty seconds. Afterwards, walk briskly again for ninety seconds.

·       Push ups

For pushups, you do not need to use any resistance bands. You can do pushups with your toes or knees. This weight loss exercise routine can be done for thirty seconds to one minute.

·       Bicep curls

Place your resistance bands under your feet and stand in your feet in a distance of shoulder width apart. For increased resistance, hold the bands around your hands. Palms should be facing out and the hands to each side slowly bring the arms bending at the elbow. Return your arms to original position. Repeat this routine for sixty to ninety seconds.

·       Running

Running in place for at least a minute is another routine you can do as part of your circuit training.

·       Cool down

Cooling down is essential in any routine. Walking or marching in a place is ideal way to cool down.

·       Stretching

After cooling, make sure that you do some stretching to your muscles too avoid some soreness.

These routine will give you an all out exercise routine for the body. These exercises will definitely boost your energy and tone your muscles, which are all essential for losing weight. To make the weight loss exercise routine more effective, you can combine The Fat Loss Factor Program to make your routine more effective.

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