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Weight Loss Shakes – Investigation

You have invested in the latest weight loss shakes recommended by the gym instructor but you hear so many differing opinions. Do weight loss shakes work? If so, how do they? Will they help me keep off the weight? Do I still exercise?

Weight loss shakes, diet shakes or meal replacement shakes can be extremely effective in the journey to reaching your weight loss goal. However, choosing he most appropriate shake is important as these replace a meal and are constituted of proteins. If you replace meals, regularly, with a protein or diet shake means losing the nutritional benefits of whole foods. Consuming too many proteins can make losing weight more difficult, especially if these are taken in addition to the normal diet.

Proteins do not make you fat, instead it is the extra calories found in fats, sugars and carbohydrates found hidden in the foods. Diet shakes are of a purer form, sans the hidden fats, carbs and sugars, thus they help in keeping the unnecessary calories from piling on.

The correct shake is one that is an effective meal replacement and has the required vitamins and minerals which the body will need once there is a change in the diet and weight. The shake should be free of sugar and/or artificial sweeteners as these may increase hunger pangs instead of reducing them. Those with added supplements and blended herbs should be avoided as they could lead to drug interactions and side effects. A great addition to diet shakes is the addition of fibre as it helps in the detoxification process and increases metabolism which helps to increase weight loss. The fibre also helps keep hunger pangs at bay as they make you feel full longer.

The variety of shakes on the market can leave you feeling “shaken and stirred”. Understanding the differences between each kind is important when you decide to add one to your diet plan and lifestyle.

Meal Replacement Shakes

Designed to replace a meal, they are constituted of proteins, carbohydrates and fortified with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, to provide a balanced formula. These are great if you are in a hurry and need to miss a meal but generally they are not used a weight loss shakes.

Low Carb Shakes

These shakes are lower in total carbohydrates and sometimes have fewer calories than the typical meal replacement shakes. These are not used as meal replacement shakes as they lack the required carbohydrate and calories needed to provide energy. However, they can assist in weight loss when used in conjunction with a good, healthy diet. They are generally used together with the Atkins diet or for those using them as a snack or supplement to a well balanced meal plan.

Protein Shakes

The effect of the protein shake on weight loss can be positive or negative depending on the one you choose and how you use it. Some are design to assist in building muscle whilst maintaining an intense exercise regime and contain carbohydrates and are high in calories. Others are low in calories, fat and carbohydrates and are made for the purpose of weight loss.

When trying to lose weight and you decide to add a weight loss shake to the program, ensure that you choose the correct shake.

Together with a balanced and healthy diet, a great weight loss program is also worth following if you want to ensure that those extra kilos vanish. check out the excellent Fat Loss Factor program.

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