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Weight Loss Tips for Men

Weight loss tips for men will help you lose weight effectively. Following these steps will bring back your confidence and improve your health as well.

Some of the weight loss tips for men may include:

1. Know your BMI

Knowing your BMI or Body Mass Index is important in weight loss. To get the right measurement, you should divide your weight to your height in meters squared. For men, the right BMI will be between 18.5 and 24.9. You may also measure your waist to know if you are indeed overweight. If your waist measurement is thirty-seven inches or ninety-four centimeters means that you at increased risk of developing serious diseases. If your measurement is forty inches or one hundred two centimeters, it means you have high risk developing certain diseases.

2. Listen to your partners

When it comes to diet and weight loss, women may have a better authority so listen to your wife and girlfriends if they say that you are excessively fat. Women are always the first one to notice bulging beer belly so next time that your partner says that it is time to hit on the gym, chances are it is probably the right thing to do. It will even be better if you ask your partner to prepare delicious and nutritious foods minus the fats.

3. Take five portions of fruits and veggies

Taking five portions of fruits and veggies each day is very important. Fruits and veggies will supply you the energy that you need each day minus the calories. You should try to eat fruits and veggies right from breakfast up to your dinner. For example, you may start the day by adding bananas to your oatmeal, pears for your midmorning snack, adding fresh tomato to your lunch, onions to your sandwich at afternoon snack and mushrooms to your dinner.

4. Join sports

Men by nature are sports lover. They love sports too much that they will control the television for hours just to watch their favorite sports however, watching television of your favorite sports for several hours while drinking beer will likely to result added pounds.

If you want to lose weight, it is better if you just form your own group and schedule a play at the park. Alternatively, if you have a son, you may volunteer to coach your son’s team. This will allow you to bond with your son while keeping yourself healthy.

Having a gym membership is also another way to be active. Gym membership is great especially if you do not have buddies to form a group or if you still do not have a son. Just make sure that you attend religiously to your gym.

5. Avoid drinking beer

Have you seen James Bond drinking beer? Probably no, because beer can cause belly fat, that is why he probably stay away from it. If you cannot go a day without alcohol, you may drink one glass of red wine each day. Red wine will not make you fat and it is good for the heart.

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