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Weight Loss Tips for Teenage Girls

The diet for teenage girls should be a balanced diet and lots of light exercises. Some teenage girls are often critic of themselves when it comes to their bodies. They tend to do extreme diets because of poor self-confidence and peer pressure. However, teenage girls should not resort to crash diets.

Here are some weight loss tips for teenage girls to help them lose weight safely:

1. Start eating a balanced diet

Teen age girls are more prone to eat sugary snacks especially if they are facing problems from their families, school and even finances. They often used food as their way to comfort themselves. However, it is important that teen age girls understand that they cannot lose weight if they are not eating a balanced diet.

Avoid foods, which have too much sugar. Chocolates, ice cream and cakes are just some of the sugary snacks that you have to turn down. The best way to have a balanced diet is to know and follow the pyramid.

According to pyramid, teen age girls should eat three or more servings of fruit daily and four or more servings of veggies each day. For carbohydrates like rice, pasta and bread, limit your intake for four to eight servings daily. For protein, three to seven daily servings of lean meat, fish along with milk, cheese and yogurt are acceptable. Lessen the fat intake like peanut butter to three servings only.

2. Eat on time

Eating on time is important. Skipping meals will likely to result to binge eating later on. So, next time join your mom or dad at the dinner table. Eating nutritious foods with your family will help in avoiding food disorders.

3. Cut fast food

Teen age girls should limit eating out in fast food chains. Big Macs and fries are not happy and not healthy. If you eat in fast food every day, you will surely be in bad shape and putting yourself at risk of developing diseases. Instead of eating in fast food, learn to create your own menu at your own kitchen. Your mom will surely be happy to teach you her nutritious recipe.

4. Exercise

Exercise is one thing that teenage girls may not appreciate. Often they just want to watch movies and music videos that they tend to forget to exercise. Young people also have misleading perception that exercise is just for the older people but on contrary, the younger you start exercising, the better since it will teach you how to be fit. The good exercises for teen age girls are brisk walking and jogging. Brisk walking to school instead of driving will keep you fit and healthy. Owning a pet and walking it regularly can also be an enjoyable task that you may even forget that you are exercising.

5. Drink lots of water

Instead of soda, which contain lots of sugars, drink water instead. Keeping yourself hydrated will pour out all the toxins in your body. It may even help in maintaining a clear and pimple free face.

Another weight loss tips for teenage girls is Fat Loss Factor Diet. It is a complete program, which will guide you to be healthy and fit.

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