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Weight Training for Weight Loss

Weight training for weight loss will help you tone your muscles, reduce fats and sculpture your body, something that diet and cardio may not really do. Diet and cardio can help you lose weight to some extent but it may not give you the right curves that you look for. If you have not tried any weight training then this is the time that you make an effort to start one.

Benefits of weight training

Weight training is very important and beneficial to your quest for weight loss. Some of the benefits of weight training may include:

·       Weight training boosts your metabolism. Muscle burns calories than fats that are why you have to increase your muscle building since it will mean your body will be able to burn more calories throughout the day.

·       Women are often afraid of weight training but they simply do not know that weight training can strengthen their bones. Studies show that women are more prone to bone disorders like osteoporosis but weight training especially when started early can help women build stronger bones.

·       Weight training can make you feel stronger and boost your muscular endurance.

·       being active in weight training may also help in avoiding injuries.

·       Weight training can also increase your self-esteem and confidence.

·       Coordination and balance is also improved through weight lifting.

·       Sculpture your body for a sexier look than diet and cardiovascular exercises do.

Basics of weight training

Before you start your weight training, you need to know the basics in order to avoid injuries. Here are the basics you need to know for your own weight training:

1. If you are a beginner, you should only start lifting with weights that you are comfortable from the start up to the finished. You should also be ready to complete and do the reps thereafter. Make sure that you finish the last rep with difficulty but still in good form.

2. Be ready to increase the intensity, when your body got used to the weight training. Intensity can be increased by increasing the weight of what you are lifting. Likewise, you may also increase the reps as well as the type of resistance.

3. Train for your problem area. This simply means that your weight training should target your problem area. If your main goal is to lose weight, you may use several kinds of rep ranges, which focus on muscles.

4. Rest is necessary in weight training. During your rest phase, your muscles grow and change so avoid working the same muscle groups in two consecutive days.


Some precautions before you start your weight training are:

1. Before you start any weight training, make sure that you always do warm up. For warm up, you may do light cardio exercise. Having a warm up before the real weight training can avoid injury.

2. Do not hold your breath when you are doing a routine.

3. Make sure that your posture is correct to avoid any spinal injury.

In the end, you may combine your weight training for weight loss with Fat Loss Factor Program. The FLFactor Program will certainly help you lose weight safer.

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